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Water cooled heat pumps


Water Cooled heat pumps are the most perfect solutions for hot water applications in geographic locations which demand air-conditioning throughout the year as well as hot water.

These heat pumps work on the principle of extracting heat from a water source and transferring the heat through a refrigerant circuit to produce hot water and thereby also generating chilled water.

We can offer you water cooled heat pumps across the following ranges:

1.       RC Group

These heat pumps are the conventional reversible heat pumps with scroll and screw compressors optimized to run with eco-friendly R410a and R134a refrigerant and have SS316 brazed type heat exchangers.

a.       Nemo HP – Heating capacity: 10 kW – 30 kW

b.      Manta EVO WP – Heating capacity: 30 kW – 604 kW

c.       Frigo Screw WP – Heating capacity: 477 kW – 1980 kW

2.       Calorex Heat Pumps

Calorex heat pumps are heat pumps with scroll compressors and run with eco-friendly R134a refrigerant. They are extremely robust machines and have a WRAS approved heat exchanger of marine grade quality

a.       WW Series – Heating Capacity: 30 kW – 120 kW