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Condensing boilers


The GREENOx BT COND is a three pass wet back boiler with condenser manufactured
with high quality steel to be fitted with burners for gaseous fuel operation.
Boiler is able to produce hot water with a maximum temperature of 110 °C.
Some of the product’s main features are related below:

- carbon steel boiler body.
- large volume combustion camber for single pass flame for low heat release,
three pass, wet back horizontal combustion chamber and supported by a completely
submerged nozzle.
- laser cut tube plate holes.
- EN10217-2 P235GH smoke ducts welded to tube plates, fitted with special helical
- third smoke pass made possible by double layer, tube in tube differential contact,
with anti-condensation feature.
- BAX condensing coil installed at the rear of the boiler, forming a single body
consisting in:
- AISI 316 Ti anti acid stainless steel, consisting of stainless steel plates with a particular
pressed formation in order to increase heat exchange surface area and
facilitate condensate droplet formation, allowing proper drainage.
- condensate collecting tray with inspection and cleaning door and lower part
- boiler hydraulic connections
- boiler casing with flow and return flanged connections, working device connections,
inspection doors, all manufactured with approved welding procedures.
- embossed aluminum, round case cladding, high density glass wool, thick mattress
- flat front door with reversible opening, inner high-insulating ceramic casing, pivoting
on hinges, easily opened by perforated rings equipped with levers as to
guarantee a perfect combustion gas seal and easy service.
- flat rear door, manufactured in high quality steel as to guarantee high heat resistance,
constructed in one piece that can be easily opened and that allows gas
duct inspections, fastened with bolts, equipped with chimney connection and
cleaning door.

Standard equipment:
- complete insulating casing
- turbolators
- cleaning brush
Ancillaries Code
Acid condensate Neutralizer system
Neutralizer 81020001
Neutralizer with pump 81020002
Control panels
Thermostatic control panel QACCBT01ELMCE
Features can be seen in “Thermostatic control panels section”
Boiler management
control panel QETERM01CE
Boiler management
control panel QETERM01RU2*
System management
control panel
For characteristics and other ancillaries see “ system” section
* This code refers to markets of: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia
and Kazakhstan
Product CE marked according to the European
Directives in force:
92/42/CE - Efficiency (applicable up to 400 kW)
2009/142/CE - Gas
2014/30/UE - Electromagnetic Compatibility
2014/35/UE - Low Voltage