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Component For Structural Lightning Protection

A structural lightning protection system is designed to protect the fabric of a structure and the lives of people inside by channeling lightning strike energy in a safe and controlled manner to the earth termination network.

Furse structural lightning protection consists of :

Air termination network
Down conductors
Effective earth termination system

Air rods, bases, conductors, and clips are used to create effective barrier against lightning.

This approach follows the Faraday Cage principle of lightning protection, as advocated by the Indian standard for structural lightning protection IS/IEC 62305.

Lightning equipotential bonding

Equipotential bonding is designed to ensure the risk of dangerous sparking or flashover occurring within a structure is avoided.
Equipotential bonding is essentially the electrical interconnection of all metallic parts to ensure no metallic part would be at a different potential to others in the event of lightning currents flowing in the system.
Direct bonding can be achieved through earthing components such as bonding clamps and flexible braids, or for service lines with ‘live cores’, installation of Furse ESP lightning current/equipotential bonding SPDs.

All Furse lightning protection product are manufactured using the highest quality materials, since it takes only a single substandard component to compromise the protection of the structural lightning protection - or earthing - system.