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Maintenance free Earthing

FurseCEM conductive aggregate

Certain ground conditions make it difficult to obtain a reliable earth resistance, whilst particular installations may require a very low resistance. In such cases, FurseCEM provides a convenient and permanent solution.

By adding FurseCEM in place of sand and aggregate, to cement, a conductive concrete is formed. This electrically conductive medium has many applications in the electrical/construction industry including RF and microwave screening, static control and of course earthing for which it was specifically developed.
When used as a backfill for an earth electrode, FurseCEM impregnated concrete greatly increases the electrodes’ surface area. For example, increasing the effective diameter of a rod from typically 15mm to 200mm, could lower its resistance to earth by as much as 50%

FurseCEM :a permanent solution to earthing problems

Features and benefits:

  • Permanent earth reading
   Resistivity that will remain constant over the life of the installation without the requirement for maintenance
  • Constant volume
   Regardless of water content, FurseCEM will not shrink or expand, thus maintaining constant contact between the earth electrode and the soil 

  • Cost effective
   Reduces drilling, saves on earthing materials, and requires no expensive maintenance 

  • Non leaching
   FurseCEM is a conductive concrete and therefore cannot be washes away

  • Chemically inert 
   Completely non-corrosive, and will not in any way damage earth electrodes, steelwork or concrete

  • Fast drying properties
   Allows for quick and easy installation 

  • Mechanical strength
   Provides high compressive strength where required

  • Long shelf life
   Can be stored for long periods without deterioration

  • Versatile installation
   Suitable for use in boreholes and trenches