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Foundation Earthing

Foundation earth electrodes are conductive metal partsembedded in the concrete of the building foundation. 
Concrete embedded directly in the ground has natural moisture content and can be considered as conductive matter, with conductivity similar to that of the earth. 
Since large area is provided by this type of electrode, low resistance can be achieved. 

By adding FurseCEM in place of sand and aggregate to cement a conductive concrete is formed. This electrically conductive medium when used in pile foundation has many applications in the electrical/construction industry, including RF and microwave screening, static control and of course earthing, for which it was specifically developed.
Used as an earth-electrode backfill to reduce soil resistivity by retaining moisture. The clay is a sodium activated montmorillonite, which when mixed with water swells to many times its dry volume. It has the ability to hold its moisture content for a considerable period of time and to absorb moisture from the surrounding soil.