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Air cooled heat pumps


Air cooled heat pumps are the most widely used heat pumps across the world.
They are completely independent from other systems and are typically outdoor installations.
They operate on the principle of extracting heat from the air and through a refrigeration circuit and transfer the heat to produce hot water.
We can offer you air cooled heat pumps across the following ranges:
1. RC Group
These heat pumps are the conventional reversible heat pumps with scroll compressors optimized to run with eco-friendly R410a refrigerant and have SS316 brazed type heat exchangers. 
a. SMART2 HP – Heating capacity: 15 kW – 60 kW
b. PYXIS U HP – Heating capacity: 47 kW – 220 kW
2. Calorex Heat Pumps
Calorex heat pumps are heating only heat pumps with scroll compressors and run with eco-friendly R134a refrigerant. They are extremely robust machines and have a WRAS approved heat exchanger of marine grade quality
a. AW34 series – Heating capacity: 6 kW – 37 kW
b. Pro Pac series – Heating capacity: 20 kW – 88 kW