STG Heating Pvt. Ltd.

Swimming pool heat pumps


A heat pump is the most economical and most environmentally friendly method of dynamically heating an outdoor swimming pool.

For every unit of energy consumed the total heat recovered can be up to five units, even on a cloudy day.

With the Calorex heat pumps on offer with titanium heat exchangers, you need not look beyond as this is the most eco-friendly, efficient and compact solution that is available in the market.

Our range extends to not only small residential pools but also Olympic sized and custom designed pools. We have an enviable client list spanning Middle East royalties, highest rated hotels to commercial sports complexes.

Our range is classified as below:

·        Residential swimming pool heat pumps for indoor and outdoor pools

·        Commercial swimming pool heat pumps

·        Heat – Cool swimming pool heat pumps for applications demanding heating of pool water during the winters and cooling of pool water during the hot summers


We also have a range of dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pool systems.