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Biomass: a sustainable choice

The choice to invest in renewable energy from biomass is the result of a number of considerations:

Reduced environmental impact
Using biomass for energy production purposes can play a strategic role by supporting a sustainable and balanced development of our planet - the heat produced does not have a carbon footprint since the amount of carbon dioxide released in the biomass energy conversion process is offset by the carbon sequestered during the biomass growth process.

Biomass heating is convenient and extremely good value, with significant savings over fossil fuels.

Financial and employment implications
Widespread use can lead to a significant, positive financial, environmental and employment impact through the promotion of forest maintenance, the use of forest maintenance waste to produce energy, and the creation of new development opportunities for marginal areas and the reduction of farming surpluses, by replacing traditional crops with dedicated “energy crops” whose green waste by products can be used for energy production purposes.

B-Max Technology biomass burners are designed to meet different use requirements. The wide range of power values from 25 kW to 500 kW allows both domestic and industrial heating requirements to be met.

The B-max Technology biomass burner can be applied to boilers,air generators or ovens on which you want to combine the requirement of a burner to characteristics of biomass fuels.

Power: 30 kWh

Domestic power burner. Ideal for heating residential buildings. Supplied with feeding screw.

Power: 50 kWh

Domestic power burner. Ideal for heating small- and medium-sized residential buildings. Supplied with feeding screw.

Power: 70 kWh

Medium power burner, suitable for both large-sized civil environments and small- sized industrial environments. Supplied with feeding screw.

Power: 90 kWh

Medium power burner, suitable for both large-sized civil environments and small- sized industrial environments. Supplied with feeding screw.

Exclusive features
•fully automatic
•high quality materials including high temperature resistant steel
•quick ignition
•low consumption
•safety thermostats
•intuitive and user-friendly control panel
•EN15270 European certification

Suitable fuels
Sawdust wood pellets, 6 to 8 mm. Self-modulating burners with five power levels to ensure high efficiency. Instantaneous temperature adjustment.

Cleaning systems
Bmax Technology burners feature an innovative system to carry out self-cleaning at regular intervals; this system periodically cleans any residues off the fuel  grid, preventing the possible risks of poor combustion or flame choking, with subsequent burner power-off and fume dispersion.

B-Max Technology burners come complete with a loading system. Each burner is supplied with a feeding screw that is located in the pellet tank.

The screw feeder is equipped with a gear motor that controls pellet proportioning and is connected to the burner via a self-extinguishing hose.


Made of galvanised sheet steel, the tank must be positioned alongside the heat unit to always ensure the correct screw feeder inclination to allow for pellet feeding to the burner.Available in two versions of different capacity.The tank is easy to assemble thanks to its panel structure that reduces footprint during transport.
Suitable for pellet-burning boilers with any power rating

Metal valve for backfire protection. By safely discontinuing the connection between the burner and the pellet tank, it provides 100% protection against backfiring.

Accessory designed for industrial line burners. The cable extends panel control up to a length of 3 metres.

A device that allows user functions that are usually controlled via the display to be remotely controlled.