STG Heating Pvt. Ltd.

Low pressure hot water generator


The state-of-art EcoflamEcomax Hot water Boiler come with a high quality European manufacturing as well as comply with emission standards.

Horizontal, 3 pass, Water-in-Shell, Smoke-in-Tube type boiler constructed of steel ,with pressurised combustion chamber, equipped with a highly efficient stainless steel baffles to get optimum heat exchange
Very thick steel shell
Pressurized furnace with flame reversal
Cylindrical flue pipes equipped with special turbulators
Complete with control panel (depending on type of operation)
Ease of operation and maintenance
Efficient, economical and sturdy
Higher efficiency up to 95 %
Max. outlet temperature is 95°C
The forced draught Ecoflam Burner chosen is compatible to the firing chamber
Scaling Problem is negligible since it is Fire Tube Boiler
High thermal insulation.
Stylish casing.
High seasonal efficiency (heating unit in conformity with Italian law 10 dated        9/1/91 and Italian Presidential Decree D.P.R. no 412 dated 26/8/93).
Safety features in the boiler:
– High water temperature cut-off
– High skin temperature cut-off
– Flame failure
– Pressure switch control
– Combustion pressure control